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Microtask jobs are small, discrete tasks that can be completed quickly anywhere in the world using a phone or PC. Many of these tasks are part of larger projects, and they are advertised on websites that connect taskers with employers. Microtask jobs play a crucial role in an era dominated by the gig economy, allowing individuals to earn money in their spare time.

If you're searching for a way to earn your first penny online, microtask jobs might be a good option for you. The best part is that you don't need any prior experience to make money with microtask jobs. All you need is a phone or computer with an internet connection. You can make some money with microtask jobs by taking more tasks, joining different platforms, and dedicating time.

What are the types of microtask jobs?

Microtask jobs are a quick and easy way to make money online. You can earn your first penny within 30 seconds of completing your first task. These jobs come in different pay rates, with some taking only seconds to complete while others take longer, but pay more. You can expect to earn anywhere from $0.01 to $10 or more for each task you complete. Here are some examples of the types of microtask jobs you can do to make money online.

  • Engaging in different social media platforms: Sometimes, you may be asked to perform small tasks on social media and get paid for them. These tasks may include liking a YouTube video, commenting on it, or subscribing to the channel. It's important to note that social media tasks can be requested on any platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and so on, by your employer.
  • Online Surveys: You can participate in online surveys by providing your feedback or opinions on a variety of topics or products. Market research companies use this data, making it a popular micro job option for those seeking a part-time income or a side hustle.
  • Data Entry: The data entry process involves entering information into databases or spreadsheets. If you have good attention to detail and typing skills, data entry jobs can be an excellent option.
  • Image Tagging: Annotating or labeling images with relevant keywords or descriptors is part of image tagging tasks. As a result, search engine algorithms are improved and image recognition technologies are made more accurate.
  • Content Moderation: Content moderation involves reviewing user-generated content and removing inappropriate or offensive content according to guidelines on websites or social media platforms.

10 Microtask Job Platforms

Although surveys are part of microtask jobs, in this section I will focus on other types of microtask jobs. I will provide you with survey platforms that you can participate in, on other topics in detail.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a popular platform for micro tasks and is used by many businesses and individuals. Tasks such as data validation, image tagging, audio transcription, survey participation, and content moderation can be submitted by the requesters. Workers can browse the available tasks, known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), and complete them for a small fee per task. The payments are handled by Amazon through bank transfers or gift cards.

Rapid Workers is a microtask job platform that connects people with quick and simple tasks suited to their skills and availability. Users can complete various tasks such as data entry, surveys, social media engagements, and website testing.

The platform offers flexibility, allowing individuals to complete tasks at their own pace and earn money on a per-task basis. With its user-friendly interface and diverse task options, Rapid Workers provides an accessible opportunity for people looking to earn supplementary income or make productive use of their spare time. You must $8 or more to ask for a payout.

Rapid Workers microtask platform screenshot

A screenshot of Rapid Workers microtask jobs

ClickWorker operates on a comparable model to MTurk. Businesses submit tasks to be completed by an on-demand workforce. Some of the tasks on ClickWorker include writing, proofreading, data entry, research, surveys, categorizing web content, and more. Pay rates are set per task and payments are issued weekly via PayPal.

Appen is a company that focuses on more complex tasks, such as AI training data, speech collection, search engine evaluation, translation, and localization. These tasks usually pay more than basic microtask platforms and require qualification exams. Unlike one-off tasks, the projects are more consistent, lasting for weeks, months, or even longer.

Microworkers offer a wider range of tasks than MTurk, including writing, graphic design, data entry, research, surveys, and more. The platform provides tools for managing workflows and teams to handle larger projects. Once the work is verified, payments are sent out, and workers must earn $9 or more to request payouts through PayPal, Payoneer, or cryptocurrency.

On average, Remotasks pays less than companies such as Lionbridge and Appen in the microtasking industry. Nevertheless, the entry requirements are less strict, and the tasks tend to be simpler.

Among the tasks you can perform online are data collection, moderating content, transcription, image annotation, and identifying spam. Your hourly earnings will likely be less than $10, but payments are made via PayPal, so you can get your earnings quickly.

Spare5 allows you to complete simple tasks in your spare five minutes throughout the day. These microtask jobs can be completed on a PC or Mac. They include assessing the tone, meaning, or attitude of audio files, annotating images, providing keywords, or isolating elements.

Spare5 provides tasks, which you will need to complete and then get paid. Payments are sent out weekly on a Friday via PayPal, so you’ll need to link an active PayPal account to your profile during setup.

Lionbridge and Appen have a similar microtask platform. Translation, quality rating, search engine optimization, website testing, and transcription are among the tasks. But be advised that working for both Lionbridge and Appen at the same time is prohibited by the Terms of Service; therefore, you will have to select one or the other.

Earnings per hour can range from $8 to $14, depending on the work.

You can earn rewards on GrindaBuck by performing several quick tasks. This covers completing surveys, engaging in promotions, viewing videos, and paying to click. You must visit websites from a list in the latter task and spend no more than one minute on each one. This task only earns you one cent, but it is surprisingly simple.

Your earnings can be paid to you with gift cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin. As long as you have funds in your account after your initial redemption of at least $10, you are free to cash out whenever you choose. After cashing out, you should receive your money in less than 12 hours.

ySense combines a survey platform with a microtask website. Completing surveys, viewing videos, and downloading offers are all ways to earn money online. Everyone can now find employment based on their preferences and areas of interest.

The pay for the tasks varies based on the difficulty level; you can earn a few cents to a few dollars. Additionally, you will get paid a $5 bonus for each $50 worth of tasks you finish. There are also contests where you could win $50 in the weekly draw.

Your earnings can be redeemed for a range of gift cards or via PayPal. The minimum redemption reward is $3.

How to succeed in making money with microtask jobs

It's important to note that microtask jobs, like any other side hustle, have both advantages and disadvantages. Before diving into tips for success in these jobs, one must weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages: Taking on microtask jobs allows you to develop and enhance your skills. People can improve the speed at which they type, their attention to detail, and their research skills depending on the tasks they are performing.

As a supplement to their income, microtask jobs are a good source of income for many. Micro-tasking can be a flexible way to earn extra income to cover living expenses, save for specific goals, or simply enjoy some additional spending money.

Disadvantages: One of the challenges of microtask jobs is low pay due to small and quick tasks that don't always reflect the required time and effort. One of the most significant challenges associated with microtask jobs is the often low pay. Since tasks are small and quick to complete, the compensation may not always reflect the time and effort required.

Doing repetitive microtask jobs can be tedious and lead to burnout over time. Staying motivated and engaged can be challenging when faced with the same types of tasks day after day.

The key to success in microtask jobs lies in time management, prioritizing quality over quantity, and honing communication skills.

Time management: To be successful, you must allocate your time wisely so that tasks can be completed on time without compromising accuracy.

Quality over quantity: Rather than rushing through tasks, one can build a reputation for excellence and reliability by focusing on high-quality work.

Join multiple platforms: By joining multiple platforms, you can take advantage of multiple opportunities and maximize your earning potential.

Communication skills: The ability to effectively communicate with clients and task managers is crucial for clarifying requirements, addressing concerns, and building positive relationships. The integration of these strategies allows individuals to accomplish microtask jobs efficiently and effectively

Final Thoughts

Microtask jobs are a great way for individuals to earn income by efficiently utilizing their skills and time. These jobs, although small, are collectively significant, and offer convenience and flexibility to both workers and employers. With the rise of online platforms, there are now various opportunities available that cater to different skill sets and preferences. In conclusion, microtask jobs are a dynamic and accessible option for those looking to earn some extra income.

To maximize your earning potential in microtask jobs, join multiple platforms while keeping in mind the rules and regulations of each. As explained above some platforms like Lionbridge and Appen have a similar microtask platform. You cannot join both of them at the same time otherwise you will be banned from both of them.

It is advisable to prioritize tasks with higher pay before taking on those that pay less. This is because if you take on the lower-paying tasks first, by the time you get to the higher-paying ones, they may have already been completed and are no longer available.



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